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Goler Arts Park Winston-Salem, NC

Goler Arts Park is an urban park adjacent to the Winston-Salem Factory Lofts. Previously an asphalt parking lot beside the railroad tracks, it now features lush green lawns, landscaped berms, sweeps of ornamental grasses, perennials and evergreens. New site lighting, brick pavers, benches, trash receptacles and pet dispensers provide convenience for park patrons. A local artist painted a vibrant “city skyline” mural to enhance an existing retaining wall. In addition to all of these amenities, 8 on-street parallel parking spaces and a new concrete sidewalk were added to encourage public use.

Project Size: .25 Acre

Conceptual Park Designs
Amenity Design
Special Paving
Site Lighting
Landscape Plans

Goler Arts Park
Goler Arts Park
Goler Arts Park
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